Process Information

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1. Process (click to view)

Bentley mat clear

Highly efficient paint system to ensure the quality standards of exclusive car brands.

Minor paintwork damage

Application from the SUPREMETOP CP for minor damage repair.

Rolls Royce bare metal

Customer-specific paint system for Rolls Royce bare metal.

Porsche Panamera repair

Spot Repair Process considers even the most extreme hard surfaces such as the Porsche Panamera's finish.

Old-Timer Restoration

High-quality refinishing process suitable for long-lasting restorations of classic cars.

Refinishing with SPEEDFLASH

Process for fast refinishing by adding SPEEDFLASH and SPEEDFLASH S.

Carbon Fiber tinted

Paint system for Carbon fiber materials in combination with Filler and top- and clearcoats.

Carbon Fiber transparent

Paint system for Carbon fiber materials with VOC clear coats.


Overall respray, R-M ONYX HD – Brilliant red / Radom steel.

ONYX HD Peugeot 208 GTI

Repair of two-colour paintwork with ONYX HD on the 208 GTI 30th, textured finishes.

Citroen Cactus Airbump

The repair of Citroen Cactus Airbump panels produced TPU thermoplastic polyurethan.

2. Colours (click to view)

Tri-coat colors ONYX HD

Refinishing process for ONYX HD tri-coat colours, hiding power and curing properties.


R-M process ONYX HD. Special paint system for the Nissan GT-R, colour KAB.


R-M Procedure DIAMONT. Special paint system for the Nissan GT-R, colour KAB .

Ford electric orange pearl

Paint system with improved surface hardness for ONYX HD colour shade FD 7 / Ford electric orange pearl.

ONYX HD Porsche liquid metal

Special refinishing system, Porsche 918 Spyder in chrome blue and silver (liquid metal).

ONYX HD Blend-in repair

Special blend-in system repair, Porsche 918 Spyder in chrome blue and silver (liquid metal).

3. Other (click to view)

IR Drying

Refinishing with infrared drying, cassette heater with temperature regulation.

Hardeners and Thinners

Use of hardeners and thinners of R-M undercoat materials.